You may have noticed that your shirt says Volo now. That is because we are uniting our social sports leagues across the country under one name to provide you more flexibility and options in the future.
About Us: 

Here at Volo, we believe sports make better people.

Sports level the playing field. They unveil our determination, perseverance and heart, pushing us to our limits, striving to be the best that we can be.

But we can’t play alone. Sports surround us with teammates, captains, coaches, teaching us teamwork, compassion, and how to express sportsmanship.

That’s why we believe sports make better humans, and deliver interactions to deepen our compassion for others. Through sport, we find our own humanity and perhaps, a new perspective. Volo’s mission is to create the opportunity for a fulfilled life through genuine communities and access to activity.

We strive to live out our mission through the Volo Kids Foundation. Originally founded in 2015 as a response to Freddie Grey’s arrest and murder in Baltimore, MD, The Volo Kids Foundation was created to provide more kids the opportunity to access play, who often wouldn’t have access to such programs. Today, the foundation provides free youth sports programming in various cities around the country where we use play to build communities of active, resilient and confident kids. In 2019, we supported over 12,800 kids, and we hope to grow that number to 50,000 in the next five years.

The unique relationship between Volo and The Volo Kids Foundation creates a synergistic effect. As more players sign up to play in our adult programs, we can fund more youth programs. Those who volunteer with the foundation get to play for free in our adult programs, allowing for each organization to benefit from the other, and without each other, neither would be what it is.

Our Expansion

Baltimore Social

It all started in Baltimore, and after bocce, the sports kept rolling. We developed a high quality league with excellent social experience that we have replicated across the country.

Play Mile High

Our Denver sports leagues were started in 2012, where we have grown over to over 60,000 players. With Denver’s open container policies, it brought us the idea of Cup-In-Hand kickball, which is a party in a game.

Play Big Apple

In an attempt to take a bite out of the Big Apple, we launched leagues in Brooklyn and Queens in 2013. New Yorkers don’t have a lot of outdoor space, but they have a ton of bars and a thrill for skeeball. Our New York team created all the fun skeeball rules you can experience at our leagues.

SF Social

Our San Francisco leagues started with none other than bocce in 2013. With access to the bay, we were able to pilot Sailing leagues, which we still host today!

NYC Social 

In an effort to grow our presence in NYC, the company acquired NYC Social in 2016. Their fun energy and New York attitude meshed well with our play hard mentality.

Social Boston Sports

To expand our Northeast coast presence, we acquired Social Boston Sports in 2017. This team had an awesome volleyball experience at Carson Beach, which rivals any experience in Miami or San Diego with good vibes and fun times.

Rivall Technology

In order to control the entire experience before, during and after play, Volo acquired the Rivall Technology platform to provide a better customer experience.