When your Captain signs up they will select the team’s top two color preferences. T-Shirt color is NOT guaranteed. When assigning colors to teams we will do our best to assign your team’s preference. However with teams often select the same seven or eight colors, so if we cannot get your team one of your top two choices we will do our best to select another color in the same shade. Color preference is first given based on when teams sign up for the league, the earlier the better. Play Mile High will make its best effort to accommodate your shirt color preference, but please be aware that we cannot guarantee the color(s) you selected.

There are 68 colors so explore them a little and get crazy with it!

T-Shirt Ordering Deadline

We have a registration deadline each season, that deadline is also the same deadline to order your shirt. If you register after the deadline then you will not receive a shirt for the season. We order thousands of shirts at one time and we unfortunately cannot change the shirt order once it has been submitted. So please make sure all of your friends and teammates are signed up by the deadline so we can include them in the shirt order.


Play Mile High understands things can happen: our shirt production team makes a mistake counting, you miss the first week and someone grabs your size, the captain loses your shirt, it’s not quite the size you want, aliens steal it…things happen.

Play Mile High each season offers players the opportunity to re-order a shirt. After the first week of your league we will email all players with a link to fill out a re-order form. Please fill that out fully by the deadline (tip to the wise your team shirt color is next to your team name in the schedule). We will then order the shirt for you and send instructions once the order has been sent in, on how to pick up your replacement shirt. All replacement t-shirts will have the large Play Mile High logo on the front.

However before we send in the order, we remove all the players who are ordering a shirt when they signed up after the deadline. So just don’t do it, sign up on time!

If you have any further questions about T-Shirt Policies, please e-mail info@playmilehigh.com.