Leadership Team

Giovanni Marcantoni

Nickname: Gio
College: University of Delaware
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Favorite Sports: Bocce
Fun Fact: I take vacations
Go Orioles!

Leanna Cromie

Senior City Director (HBIC)
College: University of Colorado, Boulder
Hometown: Highlands Ranch CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Brunch Skeeball (mimosas to the face)
Fun Fact: I got into Harvard Law School
Fave GoT Character:  Arya Stark
“Bitch, Please”

Colin Hanahoe

Senior City Director
College: Pace University
Hometown: New York
Favorite PMH Sport: Cup In Hand Kickball
Fun Fact: I’m the best flip cup player in Denver (see me at a bar? Challenge me!)
Fave GoT Character:  Little Finger
“The strongest hearts, have the most scars”

Kris Pauloski

Sports Operations Manager & Soccer Sport Supervisor
College: University of Michigan
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Favorite PMH Sport: Soccer
Fun Fact: Former Kicker/Punter 

Fave GoT Character:  Jon Snow

“Ad victoriam (to victory)”


Head Rufferee
College: Muttropolitan State
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Favorite PMH Sport: Fetch
Fun Fact: I provide stress relief around the office
Fave GoT Character:  Ghost

Sport Supervisors

Lou Sherman

DIrector of Hype
College: Bentley University
Hometown: Peabody, MA
Full-Time Job: Business Analyst at a startup
Favorite PMH Sport: Dodgeball
Fun Fact: Has an Instagram account dedicated to hand fans (@lousbiggestfan).
Fave GoT Character: Sammwell Tarly
“Some species only eat vomit”
Full-Time Job: Director of Prevention Services at a nonprofit called Vivent Health. Quinn oversees an HIV prevention program which includes HIV testing, outreach, sexual health education and a syringe access program.
Fun Fact: Quinn is Canadian!
Full-Time Job: IT

Rachel Ging Thomas

College:  Colorado State University
Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Bar Games
Fun Fact: Allergic to oranges.
Favorite GoT Character: Hodor
“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica”
Full-Time Job: Play Mile High Kids Coordinator
Favorite PMH Sport: Volleyball
Fun Fact: Britton plays percussion in a band called Zion Crossroads.

Kris Pauloski

College:  University of Michigan
Full-Time Job: Operations Manager for Play Mile High
Fun Fact: Kris was a kicker for University of Michigan.

Shelby Yuan

Office Jenga Champ
College:  THE Ohio State University
Hometown: Medina, OH
Favorite PMH Sport: Cornhole
Fun Fact: Shelby has a brindle dog named Roo that is great at walking backwards.


Full-Time Job:  Sports Commissioner Play Mile High
Favorite PMH Sport: Flag Football
Fun Fact: Grayson can rap all the words to many Eminem songs, plus all the words to Despacito.
Full Time Job: Clinical research coordinator in the Cancer Clinical Trials Office at the University of Colorado Cancer Center.
Fun Fact: Amanda has two different colored eyes!