Golden Rule:

First and foremost all Play Mile High Leagues are:

  • 50% Social and 50% Sport.
  • We do have officials; however, we expect individuals to respect the league’s culture of fair and fun play. Foul language and rough play will not be tolerated and individuals who cannot adhere to our standards of fair play and sportsmanship may be asked to leave the league.
  • Play Mile High wants everyone to have a fun experience and be social while enjoying a great sport. Play Mile High will do whatever they can to make sure all players are having fun.

1) Individual Registration 

  1. a) All players must be 21 years of age or older
  2. b) All players must be register through Rivall and sign the Registration/Waiver Form to play

2) Rosters 

  1. a) Play Mile High retains the right to place non-aligned free agents on teams that do not have a maxed out roster.
  2. b) Play Mile High aims to place no more than 9 players on each (5v5) team, 12 players on each (7v7) team, & 15 players on each (11v11) team.
  3. c) Play Mile High requires the following minimum number of players to play and not forfeit female number in parentheses:
  • 5v5: 4 (1)
  • 7v7: 5 (1)
  • 11v11: 7 (1)
  1. d) Play Mile High requires the following number of females on the field to field a full team:
  • 5v5: 1
  • 7v7: 2
  • 11v11: 3
  1. e) Play Mile High allows substitute players during the regular season, only when that team needs substitutes to field a full team. Play Mile High retains the right to suspend any team playing with unregistered players not adhering to the league policies and culture.
  2. f) During playoffs only players on a team’s roster will be allowed to participate.

3) Uniforms 

  1. a) Players are required to wear the Play Mile High league t-shirt, once provided, for all games (if only to maintain consistent uniform colors).

4) Regular Season Schedule 

  1. a) Schedules will be created based on the amount of teams playing in each league. It is normal for a few games to be lost because of inclement weather. The league makes no guarantee of any certain number of games- If conditions beyond the control of the league are present, including but not limited to, excessive inclement weather conditions.
  2. b) Play Mile High will do what they can to reschedule games that were lost due to inclement weather.

5) Weather Related Game Cancellation  

  1. a) Play Mile High Hotline will be updated as soon as possible prior to first game start time with field closing and game delay information.
  2. b) Suspended Games – If, due to weather conditions, safety conditions, or referee discretion a game is halted prior to halftime, it will be replayed if possible. A game halted at half time or later will stand as indicated by the score when the game was halted.
  3. c) Rescheduled Games – If a game is cancelled for any reason, the league will reschedule if possible.

6) League Standings 

  1. a) Game Statistics (wins and losses) will be recorded and posted on Rivall.  Players can login to their Rivall accounts to view the standings/roster/ect.
  2. b) Teams are encouraged to review their respective League Standings page periodically. The Team Captain should notify the League Administrator of any errors.
  3. c) A 3-3 draw will be posted for games cancelled and not rescheduled at the end of the regular season.
  4. d) Standings ties will be decided by head to head outcomes. If teams did not play head to head the cumulative goals allowed during the season will determine the tie breaker.

7) Gameday Ties

  1. a) All regular season games, if tied at the end of regulation will end in a tie.
  2. b) Games in the playoffs cannot end in a tie. Teams will proceed directly to a penalty shoot-out.
  3. c) Each team will pick 5 players
  • 5v5: Minimum of 1 Female in the first 5
  • 7v7: Minimum of 2 Females in the first 5
  • 11v11: Minimum of 2 Females in the first 5
  1. d) Teams will alternate taking direct penalty shots (no male/female shooting order is necessary.):
  • 5v5: On the Premarked Penalty Spot
  • 7v7: Middle of the goal on the Keeper Box Cone line (8 Yards Out)
  • 11v11: On the Premarked Penalty Spot (12 Yards Out)
  1. e) If tied after the 1st round of 5v5, the 2nd round will be SUDDEN DEATH (i.e., 1st player from Team A scores and 1st player from Team B misses – Team A wins)
  2. f) A player is not eligible to shoot a second penalty until everyone on their team has rotated through.  
  3. g) If and when 1 team begins to utilize players for the second time due to a lack of numbers, the other team may “re-use” players as well. This means some players on the team with more people present may or may not shoot.

8) Equipment (Please consider when preparing for the season)

  1. a) Shin guards are strongly encouraged.  Players that choose not to wear them assume the risk.  If a player chooses to wear shin guards, they must be totally covered by socks.
  2. b) Only soccer/athletic shoes are acceptable. No street shoes, metal cleats, football cleats, or baseball cleats are allowed. Host/Referee decisions on footwear suitability are final.

9 ) After The Game

Each team shall take responsibility to ensure bench areas are ready for play and the area is clean after the game. Generally Play Mile High will have fields set-up and properly lined at the beginning of the first game. Field set up by teams is the exception rather than the rule. Help with cleanup is always appreciated.

10) Game Time

  1. a) 5v5 games are played with two 20 minute halves.  The clock will run continuously, unless in the case of serious injury.  Games will have a 2-5 minute half time.
  2. b) 7v7 games are played with two 20 minute halves. The clock will run continuously, unless in the case of serious injury.  Games will have a 2-5 minute half time.
  3. c) 11v11 games are played with two 25 minute halves. The clock will run continuously, unless in the case of serious injury. Games will have a 2-5 minute half time.
  4. d) If a game is stopped due to weather or other unforeseen issues after 3/4 of the elapsed game time and the game cannot be resumed, then the game will be considered complete.
  5. e) If a game is stopped due to weather or other unforeseen issues between halftime and 3/4 game time elapsed and the game cannot be resumed, the game will be resumed from the point of stoppage.
  6. e) If a game is stopped due to weather or other unforeseen issues prior to halftime or at halftime and the game cannot be resumed, the game will replayed in full.

11) Forfeits

  1. a) Teams must have the minimum roster requirements to play their game within 10 minutes of the scheduled game time, otherwise the game will be recorded as a forfeit.
  2. b) Should teams have enough of their own players that they don’t need to forfeit but not enough for a whole team, they may pick up players from another team.
  3. c) If remaining players from the scheduled team arrive after the start of the game then any players who have been picked up from another team should leave the game.
  4. d) Any team who picks up players should not add more players than can play on the field at any given time- meaning that team should not have any substitutes.

12) Substitutions

  1. a) Referees are responsible for managing substitutions and shall be made upon his/her consent.
  2. b) Unlimited Substitutions may be made with the consent of the referee at the following times:
  • 5v5: On the Fly
  • 7v7: On the Fly
  • 11v11: In accordance with FIFA Rules:
    • Throw In – either team.
    • Goal kick – either team
    • Goal – either team
    • Injury when the referee stops play that team is allowed to substitute for the injured player. The opposing team is then allowed to substitute a single player.
    • Yellow Card – Referee may choose for an immediate substitution of carded player. Carded players will remain on the sideline for at least 2 minutes.

13) Slide Tackling

Slide tackling is NOT permitted. Performance of a slide tackle, may be grounds for a yellow card at the discretion of the referee.  Players may slide when not creating a dangerous play, i.e. sliding to keep a ball in play.

14) Off-sides

  • 5v5: No Offsides
  • 7v7: No Offsides
  • 11v11: Offsides in accordance with FIFA Law 11 

15) Misconduct and Fouls

  1. a) Yellow Card – Referees will immediately substitute player out for a minimum of two (2) minutes.
  2. b) Red Card – A player receiving a red card, or two yellow cards in the same match, must leave the field premises, sight and sound, within one minute without substitution.
  3. c) Any player receiving a red card will be suspended from the following match.
  4. d) Multiple red cards in one season will be grounds for suspension -without refund- from the league.
  5. e) Fouls are at the discretion of the referee and all penalties assessed for said fouls are the referee’s decision. We are a social league and want to make sure everyone has a good time and most importantly is safe.

16) Goalkeepers

  1. a) Goalkeepers may punt, throw, or send goal kicks as far as they like across the half-line in 7v7 & 11v11.  In 5v5 Futsal, the ball must touch the ground or a player on either team on the half of the field that the keeper is on before the ball can cross the half-line.
  2. b) Goalies may throw in the ball for their team.
  3. c) Goalkeepers are to have a safe zone and no player should make contact with them at any time.
  4. d) Goalies may not handle a throw in by their team with their own hands unless touched by an opposing player on the way in.
  5. e) If a team elects to have a female goalkeeper, that player does count toward the on the field female minimum.

17) Throw Ins

  1. a) A goalie may be permitted to throw in the ball for their team.
  2. b) Goalies may not pick up the ball with their hands when thrown in by their own player unless it touches someone from the opposing team.
  3. c) Throw ins must be conducted near the spot the ball left the field, and with both feet touching the ground, as well as proper form of both hands coming from behind the head in a forward motion. Players will be given an opportunity to correct a throw in one time, at the discretion of the ref, if at that point it is still a bad throw the ball can be given to the opposite team.

18) Free Kicks

  1. a) 5v5 & 7v7 Leagues:
  • All fouls will be followed by an indirect kick except when the foul is committed in the defending team’s penalty box, this will result in a Penalty Kick.
  1. b) 11v11 Leagues: 
  • Free Kicks will follow FIFA Law 13 – Free Kicks 

19) Team Conduct 

  1. a) Discipline – The Team Captain assumes the responsibility regarding team leadership and maintenance of order and discipline. Play Mile High expects each Captain to set a positive example for their players in promoting good sportsmanship and self- control.
  2. b) Sideline Control – The Captain is responsible for the behavior of his/her bench area. After being verbally warned or cautioned (yellow card) by the referee for unsportsmanlike behavior from his/her bench area, the Captain will receive a red card if the situation persists.
  3. c) The referee also has the power to eject any spectator at any time at his or her discretion.
  4. d) Use of Foul Language is not appreciated in any circumstances and can result in a warning or in extreme circumstances can result in ejection from a game.

20) Player Suspension

  1. a) Play Mile High will refuse registration to any player currently on suspension from any Denver-area league.
  2. b) Play Mile High also reserves the right to suspend players from league play. This is at the sole discretion of Play Mile High and cannot be appealed. Registration fees will not be refunded to suspended players All players must be registered through the website and have signed a Registration/Waiver Form.

COVID Safety Updates

Mask Enforcement

  • Blatant Offense – Ex: Refusing to wear mask
    • 1st Offense – Yellow Card
    • 2nd Offense – Red Card
  • Non Blatant Offense – Ex: Mask falls down while playing
    • 1st Offense – Other Team Free Kick
    • 2nd Offense – Other Team Free Kick
    • 3rd  Offense – Yellow Card
    • 4th Offense – Red Card

Click here for more information about our COVID Safety Standards.