If you wish to register as a Small Group, please register as a “Team/Small Group Captain” and have your friends sign up as “Team/Small Group Players.”

As the captain please note the estimated amount of players. Once Registration closes for the season we will merge you with other small groups and free-agents to form a full team.

Steps to Signing Up

  1. Have your group leader create the group by signing up by selecting the “Create Small Group Option” & put the estimated players.
  2. Captains then can invite group members by email or have the players register for the team by selecting “Small group member” from the league registration page (before the registration deadline).
  3. When registration closes within 48 hours we will merge your small group with other groups and/or free agents to form a full team. Please see our roster size chart to see final roster size for small groups.
  4. Login to our website after registration closes to check out which team you and your friends are on for the season.

F.A.Q #1:  Will we be able to play if we do not have a full team?

  • YES!  We will merge you with other people once registration is closes for the season.

F.A.Q#2:  Why is my merged group larger than other teams?

  • We try to do our best to protect against forfeits and typically do not add people to full teams.