Who We Are

Play Mile High is a Denver based sports and social club with an emphasis on the SOCIAL. If you’re a casual player looking to get active but tired of those uber competitive, win-at-all-costs leagues, come check us out! We love to play in our’s and other’s leagues so we know the importance of community and creating an environment that’s welcoming, fun and as stress-free as possible.

Our league perks include: discounted food and drink prices at our sponsor bars each week, bar coupons for winning teams each week, separate flip cup leagues for some of our more social sports, end of season free beer parties, Play Mile High group outings and much much more.

How We Started

We have come from a humble beginning.  Our first ever league was a 20 person Bocce league in City Park in the summer of 2012.  We wanted to change the landscape and perception of social league in Denver. Our goal was to create something that was social, organized and a way for people to meet others people in a low intensity environment and be yourself! But we realized we couldn’t just play bocce year round so we started up the Denver Skeeball League for winter time activities. Since 2012 we have grown to offer a number of sports and locations, yet keeping in mind why we started these leagues in the first place!

Core Play Mile High Values

  • Treat people the right way (Players, Staff and Partners).
  • No Barrier to Entry (Age, well as long as your 21, Sex or Ability).
  • Provide the same effort and execution for a 10 person event as a 1,000 person event.
  • Be creative and try new leagues and events
  • Give Denver residents an avenue to have fun, network and enjoy Colorado life.
  • Listen to our players and event attendees. We want Play Mile High to reflect what YOU want out of a social sports league.
  • Create an atmosphere that is laid back, social at the fields and social at the bar!

The Future of Play Mile High

As the Play Mile High Brand evolves we are becoming:

  • A one stop shop for events, leagues, fitness classes, festivals and a great way to find fun things to do for the Denver community.
  • From Corporate events to charity events we want to be able to provide, Denver residents with the tools they need to have fun at all types of events and outings.
  • Create a buzz for your company or event in a unique fun way that really makes it stand out!!
  • We are working to strategically align with other Sport & Social Clubs to form a larger collection of Social Leagues across the USA.