General Rules

  • 11 players in the field including catcher (6 males max)
  • Minimum to begin a game: 6 players, 3 of which must be female.
    • Each player is required to kick
    • All players must be on the official Play Mile High roster for playoff games
  • Games are 6 innings of 45 minutes, whichever comes first

Game Play

  • Games can end in a tie in the regular season
  • If two teams are tied after the completion of their game in the playoffs then the two teams will go to extra innings.
    • The first extra inning each team will be allowed to field 10 players.
    • Each subsequent inning teams must remove 1 player from the field maintaining the gender requirements. If the game continues through 3 extra innings teams will play with 6 players on the field until the game is decided.
  • Teams will be given 10 minutes from their scheduled game time to field a full team. If a team cannot meet the team requirements after 10 minutes the game will be counted as a forfeit.
  • All players must kick.
  • Teams must keep a consistent line-up each time through their kicking order.

Weather Cancellations

  • During games if weather causes cancellations only games played through the 4th inning will count as a complete score, all incomplete games will be made up and started from the beginning.


    • Players cannot pass the kick line (cone indicators) or it will be deemed as a foul ball.
    • 3 fouls is an out
    • No balls or strikes
    • No bunting.
      • A bunt is defined as anything that does not reach the imaginary line between the 1st and 3rd base, the pitcher’s mound will be placed on the imaginary line between these two bases.
      • Bunts are completely AT REFEREE’s DISCRETION.
    • If the light in the ball goes out mid air after a kick the base runner gets a ground rule double unless the ball is caught in which case this would be an out
    • In the last inning of the game whichever team is loosing will kick first.


    • Any ball that is caught before touching the ground is an out
    • Any ball that is foul that is caught by a player is an out
      • If a player attempts to catch a foul ball in foul territory and misses the ball but has contact with the ball it is still a foul ball
    • Any overthrown ball at 1st and 3rd base will only allow base runners to advance one single base.
      • Players may NOT throw a ball at a runner, if a runner is hit with a thrown ball they will advance one base
    • There is no stealing, leading off or stealing.
    • If a ball is caught, the offensive player must return to the previous base safely.
    • There is no tagging up and advancing on caught balls by the defense. The offensive player must return to the previous base safely and then the play is dead.


    • Players must touch home base, if they don’t they can still be tagged and considered out
    • Mercy Rule: If a team scores 5 runs in one inning they will end their turn at bat.
    • The last inning of the game will be played with unlimited runs.
    • Games can end in a tie during the regular season, no ties in playoffs (read rules above on how to proceed with extra innings during playoffs)