Flip Cup (For Kickball and Dodgeball Leagues)


  • Best of 7 series
    • In the event of a “tie” to end a round, the two players who tied will have a “Flip-Off”
    • A Flip-Off is a 1 vs. 1, 2 cups version of flip cup
  • Each round starts with “Cheers, Down, Drink”
  • Minimum of 6 players for Kickball, 4 players for Dodgeball, no maximum
    • You must have an even number of players per team
    • No player is allowed to flip 2 cups if there is another player present from their team that isn’t participating
  • You do NOT need to drink beer, but each player must have some sort of liquid in the cup they are flipping. The level of liquid must be at least one finger height from the bottom of the cup.


  • For Traditional Kickball and Dodgeball – flip cup is worth 1 point towards overall standings
  • For Cup In Hand Kickball – flip cup is worth 2 points towards overall standings


  • The flow of flippers will always go in the same direction each round as determined from the first round
  • The person who starts Round 1 will be determined as follows:
    • The person (side) closest to the front door of the bar on the end of the table
    • The person next to this player will be the second person to flip
  • The person who starts Round 2 will be determined as follows:
    • The second person who flipped a cup from Round 1
  • Future rounds follow this pattern, so everyone knows how many games have been completed already