As the weather starts to get nicer and nicer out here in Denver, that means your pup needs to come along. Just as much as we like the sunshine, so do they! Here are some of the best spots to take your 4-legged friend where they can even enjoy some food too. 

  1. The Watering Bowl – Located on Leetsdale drive, The Watering Bowl is the perfect hang out for you and your dog. With craft beer, good bar food, and a private dog park, what more could you ask for? This is the perfect way to not only sip on some delicious beer, but it allows your dog to get that “psychoness” Plus, this local hangout serves as the sponsor bar for all Play Mile High Cherry Creek leagues! 
  2. Lowdown Brewery – Over in Capitol Hill, Lowdown Brewery is the place to be with your dog. Denver Transplants from New York have deemed their pies some of the best in the Mile High City. Now, being a New Yorker myself, I have to go there! Guess I will just have to convince my fiancé to get the dog part… 
  3. Lazy Dog Restaurant – Not quite in Denver, but up on Delaware Street in Westminster is the famous Lazy Dog. This place actually serves your dog food. Not just your regular ‘ol dog food either. Your pet can literally snack on plain brown rice for $2.50, a chicken breast, or hamburger patty for $4.95 a piece. I guarantee your dog will leave there feeling like a king or queen! 
  4. Good Times Burgers and Frozen Custards – As the name suggests, there are burgers and frozen custards. However, what this joint is really known for is their green-chile soaked breakfast burritos. More importantly, there is ice cream for dogs! Yes, you did indeed read that correctly. The Pawbender is a cup of vanilla frozen custard topped with biscuits and peanut butter. Both us and our pets deserve a treat every once and while. 
  5. Ugly Dog Sports Cafe – This restaurant is the motherlode. Hot dogs, New York style, Chicago style, or build your own. All I can say is, the food does not disappoint. It doesn’t let your pup down either. For the dogs: options range from $2 bacon, to a $10 bowl filled with bacon, eggs, and a half pound patty. Wowzers!
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