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Everyone knows getting the coworkers together outside the office leads to a better culture within the office. (Mark Herlinger Photo)

Searching for ways to enhance company culture in your work space? Look no further! Now, hear me out. The best way to boost company morale is do stuff together. I’m not talking just your regular old “team building.” I’m talking about actually leaving the office. Bet that has you interested! 

Top Golf

Just picture it. Your whole company is on the rooftop, playing golf, eating, and drinking adult beverages. Doesn’t get much better than that! I must disclose that Top Golf is nothing like regular golf. It’s more like a driving range, so “Happy Gilmore” style hitting is highly encouraged. Even if golf isn’t your jam, sitting and watching is just as entertaining (trust me, I’m an expert). 


I am not going to limit you here with just one specific bowling alley. It all really depends on the vibe you want to go for. Let me give you an example. We all know those bowling alleys that as soon as you walk in, you’re hit with that cigarette and greasy food smell. Or there are so many places in both Denver and the surrounding suburbs that have prestige bowling alleys. Like Punch Bowl Social, now that place puts a whole different spin on bowling. Regardless, bowling is simple, it’s something everyone can do, and who cares if you’re good at it or not! 

Play Mile High Corporate Leagues

Team EF Denver has such a large company they had to create TWO corporate kickball teams. Friendly competition at its finest. (Mark Herlinger Photo)

Sign your company up for a Play Mile High corporate league. It’s super easy. All you need to do is get everyone on board, come up with a team name, and BOOM, you guys are ready! This type of team building is different than all the rest because it’s on a weekly basis. Before you know it, you’ll be wishing it was that night of the week. The sports and games are endless. From skeeball to baseball, you can pick what best suits your team! Also, you can host a private event just so you and your team can hang out, or Play Mile High will even come to your company to do some awesome team building. SCORE!

Happy Hour

Ah, you can never go wrong with happy hour. Choose any bar that has some great deals and I can guarantee your employees will get a little too happy at happy hour. See what I did there? Just to give you a couple of ideas. Public School downtown is awesome with 5 dollar well drinks and 3 dollar draft beers. Another one is Machete. Talk about great and strong margaritas for a lower price! 

Attend a Rockies Game

 “Take me out to the ball game!” This is what your company will be cheering when they hear about how you’re taking them all to a Rockies game. 3 dollar drafts up until the 1st pitch and a Rockies dog will certainly please your team. Even if some of your team isn’t into baseball, there’s plenty of time for good conversation and of course, drinking. 

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