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Try out one of these 5 sports if you’re looking to meet some new people.


Toss some bags while sipping on a beer! Cornhole fosters new friendships because in order to play the game, you have to be on the same side as your opponent. The rules and layout of the game naturally encourage conversation with new people every week. Not sure how to initiate the conversation? “Do you call it ‘bags’ or ‘cornhole’?” is always a good place to start.


Friends who kick together, stick together. This schoolyard favorite carries with us well into adulthood and is an awesome way to meet new people. The kickball culture is one of a kind and definitely holds the reputation of the ‘party’ league. Kickballers head back to the sponsor bar postgame to play their opponent in flip cup. After only week 1 you’re pretty much guaranteed to go into week 2 with a shiny new buddy.


Denver Skeeball League is a very tight-knit community and a really great time. Roll with them to turn your anti-social transplanted self into a popular skeeballer who can safely say Denver is now your forever home.

Bar Games

Alright folks, if you’re not familiar with Play Mile High chances are you’re a little confused as to what a ‘bar games’ league entails. Bar Games is like speed dating with 7 ‘bar games’ favorites. In just one night you’ll take on your opponent in darts, skeeball, pop-a-shot, beer pong, flip cup, cornhole and shuffleboard. This fast-paced atmosphere leaves little to no room for uncomfortable small talk but by the end of it you’ll be the coolest cat in Denver.


If you’re a chill lad or lassie not interested in breaking a sweat but very interested in finding your future soulmate, let us recommend a nice league of bocce. In similar fashion to cornhole, you are required to be on the same side as your opponent throughout the game. This leads to a lot of easy-goin’ and easy-flowin’ conversation, e.g. “whose ball is closer to the pallina? I can’t tell!” or maybe “gahhh dammit thanks for knocking my ball out of the way, John! *giggles*”.

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