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A lot of cities aren’t as lucky as we are here in Denver to have big green parks in nearly every neighborhood, roaring with activity almost every day of the week

1. Washington Park

Washington Park (Erin Walbridge photo)

Let’s just say Washington Park is known for more than its pure, natural beauty. On any given day, the park is packed with people running, walking, and even rollerblading. Yes, rollerblading is making a come back people, so find your 90’s scrunchies! More than that, it’s a place where volleyball comes alive. On the weekends you can play volleyball at Veterans Park (which is super close to Wash Park) through Play Mile High. Even better, Crimson & Gold is the sweet after spot where flip cup is the name of the game. You may be wondering why I am stressing Wash Park here. It’s a great place to practice some volleyball during the week to really get prepared for those weekend games. Liquid courage may be needed to enhance those skills, but don’t worry, low percentage beer is always allowed. Bottoms up!

2. Cuernavaca Park

If you haven’t heard of this park yet, you’ll be glad you did! Cuernavaca park has it all. An area for biking, running, and several picnic areas where you can hang out with friends, eat, and of course drink. Being in the heart of LoDo makes it extra special because people always have a reason to be there. Like Play Mile High’s Thursday night kickball league brings in 900 people alone! I know I don’t need to tell you that’s a lot, but if you haven’t met that “special someone,” there’s a lot of fish swimming in that one sea. Another perk, the LoDo bars are just around the corner. Jackson’s, a personal favorite of mine is spacious, includes a rooftop bar, and on Friday nights there are specials for both men and women for an all you can drink type of deal.

3. City Park

Believe it or not, City Park is unlike other parks you see throughout the Denver area. On the daily, there are several activities to keep you occupied such as, tennis, horseshoes, and even soccer fields. Speaking of soccer fields, City Park is no stranger to Play Mile High. Work up a sweat and join a soccer league through Play Mile High or if that’s not your jam, they also offer volleyball, bocce, and even kickball. Now, I know kickball is making you reminisce of your skills back in P.E. class, so show ‘em off! What also makes City Park so special is how it is surrounded by the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and IMAX, which means after you’re done at the park, there’s nothing stopping you and your friends from checking out these amazing spots, as well! 

4. Benedict Fountain Park

Benedict Fountain Park (sadly, the park doesn’t serve eggs benedict), is a park that is certainly underrated here in Denver. With a view of both downtown and the front range, you can’t beat the large open spaces where just about any sport can be played. On almost any night of the week, Benedict is a sea of young adults in colorful Play Mile High shirts, ready to bump, set, and spike at these popular Uptown volleyball leagues. If you’re looking for a new spot to dominate, I’m thinking this is just the one for you! 

5. Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park (Erin Walbridge photo)

If you’re like me, you probably thought the name of this park is supposed to be “Cheeseman Park.” I’ll have you know that it is indeed “Cheesman Park,” but just like Benedict doesn’t serve eggs Benedict, Cheesman doesn’t serve cheese…ugh! Otherwise, this park is a hit. Just like the rest, the opportunities for sports and just chillin are endless. But, what makes this place super dooper cool is the amphitheater. Amphitheater means summer concert series. Concerts means fun will be had and food and alcohol will be consumed. If this doesn’t already have you sold, the Denver Botanic Gardens are nearby, so wake up and smell the roses! 

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