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Looking for ways to get out of the city, but not for too long? Some of the best hikes out here in Colorado are just an hour away from Denver. I know, right? This can be a total game changer when you’re looking for both a great hike without having to sit in traffic for hours upon hours. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there with that kind of road rage before!

St. Mary's Glacier (Erin Walbridge photo)
St. Mary’s Glacier (Erin Walbridge photo)
  1. St. Mary’s Glacier: St. Mary’s Glacier without a doubt is our number 1 hike. Just less than an hour away from Denver, this hike will leave you wanting to go again. It only takes roughly 45 minutes to get both up and down on this hike. What makes it difficult is how quickly it goes up in elevation. But, there are plenty of places to stop along the trail along with a perfect picnic spot by the water once you get to the glacier!
  2. Eldorado Canyon: Our very own Eldorado Canyon is another relatively easy hike located out in Boulder. Another short hike with a breathtaking view is just what you need. Once the hike is over, a guilt free trip to Twisted Pine Brewery is necessary. Their pizza and beer are out of this world. I should know, I’ve been there several times!
  3. Herman Gulch: This beautiful destination is right before you hit Idaho Springs. At 6.3 miles round trip, this hike is a little more difficult. It is worth it though once you hit the lake, especially now as all the Aspen trees are changing to yellow.
  4. Garden of the Gods: It may not seem like a true hiking spot, but there is a trail that is just under 4 miles. This type of hiking is perfect for the family, or anyone who comes out to visit. Added bonus, the Garden of the Gods rock formations are a MUST see.
  5. Mount Falcon: Last, but certainly not least is Mount Falcon. The cool thing about this spot is that it allows you to go on other trails like Castle Trail, Meadow Trail, and Tower Trail. This definitely gives you some options and if you are a faster hiker, you can always do more than one! Did someone say extra cardio? 
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