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Brunch, please! Eating brunch is like a sport here out in Denver. So to get in the game, I am going to share some of the best brunch places around town. Are you ready for it? Why yes, I did channel my inner Taylor Swift while saying that. 

  1. “Lucile’s Creole Cafe”-This New Orleans style restaurant is truly out of this world. With locations in Denver, Littleton, Fort Collins, and Boulder, you’ll certainly be wanting to check them out anywhere you can. Many dishes are inspired by the Creole theme, like their “Cajun Breakfast” and “Eggs New Orleans.” Did I mention that there are beignets or as I like to call them beign-yays?! Well, there are. Imagine a beautiful pastry that you can smother in homemade jelly. 1 word: YUM!
  2. “Jelly Cafe”-“Jelly Cafe” is definitely a crowd favorite here in Denver. Known for their eggs benedict, their miniature donuts, and funfetti pancakes this place is certainly impressive. Not to mention that the brunch spot itself is set up like an old cafe with vibrant colors. It’s pretty neat to see something more “old school” in such a modern city like ours! 
  3. “Snooze: an AM Eatery”-Now, this is not a place where you go and Snooze, but you may feel this way after all the food you’re about to consume! “Snooze” is another very popular brunch place in Denver that is in constant competition with “Jelly.” However, either option is pretty dang good. Now, Snooze is all about their “classic breakfast” plates and for something a little more daring, their sammies. No matter what, I can guarantee one happy belly with their food. 
  4. “Syrup”-Let’s just start with handcrafted syrups and butter that can go on any pancake or waffle. These sweet flavors like butterscotch, blackberry, and coconut are bound to leave you in a sugar coma. All I’m saying is sign me up! Also, I am willing to argue that “Syrup” has the best home fries. They’re more like a pile of hash browns, but let me tell you, so crisp, so filling, and of course delicious! 
  5. Cup in Hand Kickball Place-What better way to enjoy some brunch than through Play Mile High. Cup in hand kickball is just the start of it, depending on what you have in that cup (if you know what I’m saying)! Then afterwards to catch up with your team there is a BOGO drink ticket along with some unbeatable brunch specials. Register by 9/5 to get in on the action!  
  6. “The District”-I know some of you have been waiting for me to mention a place that has BOTH bottomless mimosas and bloody mary’s. Well, here it comes! “The District” not only has these options, but they have several juices to choose from your mimosa AND a make your own bloody mary bar that has just about anything you can imagine. Also, the best part, it’s not very expensive and you can mix and match. Talk about a tipsy, or should I say fun brunch! Oh, and the food will not disappoint either!
  7. “Denver Biscuit Company”-The name of this restaurant really holds true to form as pretty much every breakfast plate includes a VERY large biscuit. I’m talking super warm, fluffy, and just melts in your mouth with each bite. To take it a step further, most of these biscuits are smothered in gravy. Gravy with sausage, or without, it’s all good! Oh, and I cannot forget their cinnamon buns. Just like the biscuits, HUGE! And this treat is just an appetizer and is one that you must have because it is just THAT good. 
  8. “Sam’s No. 3”-Aw, the perfect diner! Sam’s was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives so if Guy Fieri gives it his stamp of approval, you probably should too. The menu is no joke a mile long and there is SO much to choose from. Although their staple breakfast plate is their massive burritos. These bad boys are filled with so much food it’s almost insane and there are several options. Their omelettes too. There is one omelette that is made up of 6 eggs. 6 eggs!? And that’s just for one person to eat. Can you say “roll me out of here, please?” 
  9. “Tupelo Honey Cafe”-One of our more underrated brunch spots is without a doubt “Tupelo Honey Cafe.” Located in the heart of Downtown by 15th street, this southern inspired restaurant is a must have. If you have never had grits before, or if you have, this is the place! They are just so creamy and flavorful. Not to mention their famous sweet tea, which is great to drink at any time of the day because who doesn’t love a cup of sugar? People in the south know what’s up. 
  10. “Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox”-This amazing place puts a whole other spin on brunch. While enjoying a savory skillet with a blood orange mimosa in hand, you could be listening to live music, watching a movie, or reminiscing on some of your favorite 90’s cartoons. Say what!? I have to say it doesn’t get much cooler than hanging out with your friends while watching something, except maybe that they also do bottomless mimosas. YAS QUEEN!
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