Leadership Team

Giovanni Marcantoni

Nickname: Gio
College: University of Delaware
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Favorite Sports: Bocce
Fun Fact: I take vacations
Go Orioles!

Elliot Jeffords

College: American University, Washington DC
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Favorite Sports: Kickball, Soccer, Skeeball
Fun Fact: I don’t take vacations
Fave GoT Character: Littlefinger
“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they live.”
“Don’t look to the summit and how far you have to go, but look back and how far you have come”

Leanna Cromie

City Commissioner (HBIC)
College: University of Colorado, Boulder
Hometown: Highlands Ranch CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Brunch Skeeball (mimosas to the face)
Fun Fact: I got into Harvard Law School
Fave GoT Character:  Arya Stark
“Bitch Please”


Head Rufferee
College: Muttropolitan State
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Favorite PMH Sport: Fetch
Fun Fact: I provide stress relief around the office
Fave GoT Character:  Ghost

Sport Supervisors

Lou Sherman

DIrector of Hype
College: Bentley University
Hometown: Peabody, MA
Favorite PMH Sport: Dodgeball
Fun Fact: I made a meme that got to the front page of Reddit
Fave GoT Character: Sammwell Tarly
“Some species only eat vomit”

Kris Pauloski

Indy 500 Champion
College: University of Michigan
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Favorite PMH Sport: CIH Kickball, Soccer
Fun Fact: Former Kicker/Punter for U of M football
Fave GoT Character: Jon Snow
“Ad victoriam (to victory) “

Taylor Preston

Aspiring Drone Racer
College: University of Nevada, Reno
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
Favorite PMH Sport: Softball
Fun Fact: I was invited to a wedding in Ireland the week of St. Paddy’s Day
Fave GoT Character: Khaleesi
“I want you to throw the next one at the bull, trust me”

Steph Curry

The Original Steph Curry
College:  University of Colorado, Boulder – Sko Buffs!
Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Kickball (duh!)
Fun Fact: I’m a Denver City Skeeball Champion and flew to NYC to compete in our national tournament
Favorite GoT Character: Osha
“Be nice to me I’m pretty”

Rachel Ging Thomas

College:  Colorado State University
Hometown: Broomfield, CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Bar Games
Fun Fact: I’m fluent in German
Favorite GoT Character: Hodor
“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica”

Jessica Raffaelo

Definitely not a Masshole
College:  University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Hometown: Lowell, MA
Favorite PMH Sport: Volleyball
Fun Fact: I was born with 12 fingers.
Favorite GoT Character: Arya
“Wicked Pissah”

D Link

Big D in the Big D
College:  University of Colorado, Boulder 
Hometown: Centennial, CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Cup in Hand Kickball 
Fun Fact: I beat Demaryius Thomas at Beer Pong his rookie year in the NFL
Fave GoT Character: Tyrion

“I drink and I know things”

Morgan Weiss

Assistant to Lou
College:  University of Colorado, Boulder 
Hometown: Cherry Creek, CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Flip Cup
Fun Fact: I have to shave my moustache every 3 days
Fave GoT Character: Ygritte

“Wait, what?”

College:  Virginia Tech
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Favorite PMH Sport: Volleyball
Fun Fact: I drive for Lyft
Fave GoT Character: Robert Baratheon

“Come to Los Tacos!”

Tamara Berkman

Bocce Extraordinaire
College:  University of Colorado, Boulder
Hometown: Denver, CO
Favorite PMH Sport: Bocce
Fun Fact: I’ve been to the Matzo Ball
Fave GoT Character: Cersei

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter”

Shelby Yuan

Office Jenga Champ
College:  THE Ohio State University
Hometown: Medina, OH
Favorite PMH Sport: Cornhole
Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is putting my dog’s name in every song.
Fave GoT Character: Margaery


Jim Rodgers

Resident Napper
College:  Robert Morris University
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Favorite PMH Sport: Flag Football
Fun Fact: I didn’t actually get a hole-in-one in that photo
Fave GoT Character: Ned Stark

“Don’t think, just do it”