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Soccer in the City: A Look at a Denver Volo City Kids League

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to visit a Volo City Kids Foundation league – an organization that provides free, organized sports for kids all across the country

This week I had the pleasure of attending Denver’s Volo City Kids soccer league at Arkansas Elementary School. Despite the extremely hot weather, these kiddos were ready and raring to go. Oh how it makes me reminisce about the days when I had that kind of energy!

Volo City Kids Foundation

Once all the young soccer players were settled in and placed with their team, I was able to see them get some stretching in. An activity that our Volo City coaches know is extremely important before any athlete starts to show off their skills. During that time, I was lucky enough to chat with Play Mile High’s kids coordinator, Britton. He told me about how this league is designed to spike kids’ interest in the game of soccer. With the kids being broken down into two groups, the younger ones, ages 6-8 are really there to build some basic skills and allow them to interact with others their age. For the older kids, the 9-12 age range, Britton said the goal is to get them ready for other soccer teams that they are looking to participate in, such as the league for their middle school. No matter what the purpose may be for these kids when it comes to soccer, it was clear to see that they were having a lot of fun! 

Volo City Kids Foundation
Some of the Volo City Kids Foundation awesome volunteers!

Also, it was great to witness that even though it was only week two of this particular league, the kids already seemed comfortable with their teams and eager to learn more about the sport. This was certainly noticeable in the passing drill that both groups did. The little ones were passing in a circle while getting to know each other’s names. Disclosure: this is arguably one of the cutest things I have since all week! While the older ones were passing in a more structured line where once they were done passing, they would run to the end of the opposite line. This is a grea

t way to learn to always follow your pass. It really makes me think about how far these kiddos will grow and improve by the time the league ends in week 6 and with playoffs!

I cannot forget to mention that any kids (who are in the league’s age range) are welcome to join. Even if your child cannot make it every single week, that is ok! The goal is to try and get your child involved as much as possible. Also, for my adult Play Mile High readers, any time you play in a Play Mile High adult league, part of your registration goes to our Volo City Kids. This means that every child that participates in a Volo City Kids league, gets to play FOR FREE! Yes, I repeat, for free! So not only are you pushing yourself to be active, but you’re giving children throughout the Denver area a chance to play and have tons of fun too! What could be better than that? 

For more information about the Volo City Kids Foundation or to get involved please visit: http://www.volocityfoundation.org.

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