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For my “Office” lovers and for those of you who have never seen “The Office” (please start watching now, you won’t regret it and there’s ONLY 9 seasons), this one’s for you. Some major characters and their resemblance to some of our favorite spots in Denver…woah! It’s going to be huge! That’s what she said.

“Jim | LoDo”

As I am sure you can already tell, Jim is a pretty good looking guy who also happens to be popular. He would be our very own LoDo area. Almost everyone at the office likes to hang out or be around Jim, they go to him when they need a good laugh, and did I mention he’s always down for a good prank? Sounds just like the fun nights of downtown that you may not remember with the people you’ll NEVER forget! Naturally, Jim wouldn’t miss out on cup in hand kickball either in the LoDo area through Play Mile High. It’s been rumored that Meredith has played in one of these cup in hand kickball leagues as well…but we’re not quite sure it’s beer that’s in her cup.

“Pam | Santa Fe Art District”

Miss Pam without a doubt would be Santa Fe. “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?” Aw, brings a tear to my eye! This sweet and yet true quote comes directly from Pam. She takes the ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary through her art (some people may argue otherwise, Dwight, but that’s ok)! I can just envision now Pam showing off her art with the hundreds of other artists each First Friday and absolutely killing it. If you haven’t been to a First Friday, it’s literally the first Friday of each month and artists throughout Denver show off their amazing work. Sometimes, even free drinks are included in those viewings for you. Now, I bet I got ya!

“Ryan | South Broadway”

Ryan certainly beats to his own drum, isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, and essentially is a really cool hipster. Can you guess what place he’d be? Obviously you can’t answer me, but I’d say he’s South Broadway. Take a place like Historians. A trendy place with a great beer selection where I can totally see Ryan chillin. Oh and Ryan would definitely be part of Play Mile High’s skeeball league at Players Pub. He probably wouldn’t actually wear his Play Mile High Shirt to his league though to stand out from the crowd.

“Kelly | Cherry Creek”

There’s no way that Kelly cannot be Cherry Creek. With her image and great sense of style, she’d need to be near this high-end mall. Filled with just about any store you can imagine both in the mall and surrounding area along with some amazing restaurants? Life cannot get much better than that! Except, if Kelly and I could be best friends in real life…

“Dwight and Angela | Wash Park”

Dwight and Angela are the epitome of Wash Park. Let’s start with this picture of Dwight. I think it says it all about how goal orientated he is. Then, there’s Angela: “I do play games. I sing and I dangle things in front of my cats. I play lots of games. Just not at work.” She knows what’s up. Both her and Dwight are two of the hardest working people and are family oriented (whether they want to admit the family part or not). That’s exactly the type of sentiment that you feel as soon as you step into Wash Park. People take pride and work hard for their families along with the beautiful place they live in. 

“Michael Scott | The Highlands”

Ok, hear me out on this one. Michael Scott is the Highlands. The Highlands is a safe place where you can wake up in a nice house to the smell of bacon (I think Michael was on to something here). Also, Michael is a safe guy. Always looking out for himself and others, he doesn’t want anyone to ever get hurt, physically or emotionally. Just like Michael, the Highlands is where you go to push yourself to do something different. Michael, believe it or not pushes himself to be the best boss he can be each day (even though it may not always come off that way)!

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