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Get to know your lovely host, Kirsten Rice! Kirsten is one of our all-star bocce hosts who has been part of the Play Mile High family for 6 seasons. The bocce players of South Broadway return to the Tuesday night bocce league at Illegal Pete’s year after year, not only for their awesome margaritas and burritos, but also (and especially) for their lovely host Kirsten!

We asked Kirsten a few questions so we could all get to know her a little better …

1) What league do you host?

Bocce! 6th season. <3 Illegal Pete’s on South Broadway is amazing and I love all the bartenders.

2) What is your favorite league to play in and why?

Cornhole! Our host, Shelby, is the absolute best! The minimal rules make for such a relaxed environment. The score is on the board and that’s that! I keep getting more friends to play so we had to split into two teams to ensure everyone got playing time. We always grab drinks/burgers beforehand and it’s always a fun evening with all my favorite people.

3) What is your favorite food?

Pizza or mac and cheese! #carbs I get Marquis pizza 90% of the time after cornhole. YUM.

4) What is the best part about working for Play Mile High in your opinion?

Seeing my returning teams each bocce season. I usually have 4-5 teams that come back each season (or take a season off and then return to me) and I love them. They are wonderful, they give me hugs, bring me hot chocolate, they know about my life and always ask for updates (I might make my weekly emails TOO personal. “I have a date tonight! Wish me luck!”) I write in my game log each week “I know I said it last season, but this is definitely the best season I ever had.” They just keep getting better!

5) Anything else you’d want to mention?

Just very thankful for PMH! I moved here only knowing a handful of people and I met some of my best friends through Cornhole and I have a beautiful bocce family I see every Tuesday.
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