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1. How did you get started working for Volo?

I was actually one of the few that found the host job posting online through Indeed. I started working as a host with Kickball and the softball programs we had around Sloan’s Lake.

2. Favorite part about working for Volo?

I have always really liked meeting the players and getting to know where they came from. Being around the players and co-hosts always bring in an awesome fun time!

3. Favorite league to play in and why?

I really like to play in Tennyson volleyball at Chavez Park because there are a lot of returning players that go to that park which brings in great competition and an awesome community to be a part of. 

4. Favorite food?

Nachos! For any other nacho enthusiasts out there- I’ll take any recommendations.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

I have an Australian cattle dog named Summer who is my world! I love to be outdoors, mountain biking, hiking or playing music at open mics around Denver. If you’re around Boulder on the weekends, you may see me on the streets busking and playing my marimba.

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