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Jenn, Hannah and Roxy joined a Play Mile High kickball team as free agents and ended the season as best friends

Written by Jenn Hill

Joining a team as a free agent can be nerve racking. You don’t know anyone when signing up and all you can do is hope for the best outcome which is that you will land on a decent team with hopefully some semi cool people.

When I joined Cup in Hand Kickball two years ago, I was placed on a team with these two incredible free agents who I am blessed to say are now my best friends! Whether we are dancing at a Red Rocks concert, cheering on the Broncos at a game, hiking some trails in the Rockies, shredding the slopes in Keystone, or winning all three das boots for our PMH league, we do it all together.

I never thought I would find friends like them and I owe it all to taking a chance by signing up for a Play Mike High team.

Do it! Who knows, maybe you will meet your future best friends too!

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