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Are you and your co-workers stuck in the endless 9-5 grind? Does your office need a fun after work activity to increase office morale and company culture? There’s no better way to beat the mid-week blues while doing some team building than getting a group of co-workers together and playing some fun social sports with…

(Some) people are cool, but do you know who are even cooler? Dogs. But you knew that (if your answer was “cats!” to the previous question, I’m going to kindly ask you to close this tab). Here at VoloCity Denver HQ we’ve had a dog or two roll (as a good boy does) through our…

Ever wonder what kind of kickball team you could assemble if you were allowed to choose anyone from the athletic and celebrity world? No? Well that’s a lie. Kickball is the 5th largest growing recreational sport in this country (someone fact check this). We’re here to clear up any confusion you had regarding this issue….

Get Social.

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